The Dutch Factory experiments with theatre
We combine improvisation and location theatre with the original lines of classical plays, providing to our broad audience an interactive experience and a deeper understanding of the classical plays.
In our training sessions and masterclasses we exchange and bundle the qualities of all theatre forms, inspiring us towards new, progressive and challenging productions and concepts.

Experience Shakespeare's ROMEO & JULIET in a living room
Our performances happen in the moment, making full use of the room, the audience and the objects they bring. For you to discover how today’s story will play out…
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Dive into Shakespeare's RICHARD III with
Madeleine Hyland
16-18 Sept
Federay Holmes
18-20 Nov
Scott Brooksbank
24-26 Feb

Explore with us and reach out for a greater understanding of his writing and more interesting acting choices. Work on Shakespeare's original lines for €275,- (excl. VAT) per Masterclass.
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May 2017


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