The Dutch Factory foundation uses the official ‘ANBI status’. This means that your donation is completely tax­deductible. This is a benefit for both yourself and us.

Our goal:

  1. The foundation’s goal is producing and playing interactive theatre shows that attract a broad audience and inspire them to be involved in a creative process.
  2. It tries to achieve its goal:
    1. By creating a durable, interdisciplinary, international platform of actors.
    2. By using an educational plan that stimulates development, broadening and depth on different levels with a diversity of groups.
    3. By creating a corner programming;
    4. with all other legal means that help reach the foundation's goals, as decided by the board of directors

Should you have any questions or wish to donate, please feel free to contact us: or 06­51 40 55 76 and ask for Amber Teterissa.

Current strategic plan 2013­2016
During a time in which financial support from funds is very limited, our drive to make our theatre shows possible brings out our strongest business sense. We have fundraising activities for the development of actors, makers and realization of shows.

We are a nonprofit organization. We strive for independence, self preservance and realizing our dream to bring amazing new theatre. We also strive for further development of graduated professionals which we perceive to be essential within the current cultural policy and subsidy climate.

Way of working
Very much like a football team, we train to stay in shape, get better, tackle the technique and form a team. Without pressure and tension of an upcoming premiere, everyone works to find the best in themselves and the team. This attitude to train together to stay fit has had a positive effect on all participating individuals and their activities. A fit player will score better, after all, than one who only trains when needed to stay in shape.

Every other month, a master class will be given by professionals, both national and international. We work a lot with tony nominated director Tim Carroll, opera singer James Oxley (winner of the international vocal competition) and writer and actress Federay Holmes. On a national level we are approaching Dutch directors to come and work with us.

This way of working provides many advantages for participants. They will keep developing themselves and bring their trade to the next level. The developed skills are used in productions as well as activities of all individuals outside The Dutch Factory.

This opportunity to develop a high level structural co­operation is a special and unique chance with a lot of potential.

All makers see this as an investment and are not currently paid for training sessions or shows. All income goes to the development process of the foundation. Only with sales of educational or business concepts, compensation is granted. A sum of each source of income goes to the foundation.

Our productions and concepts

2013 The Shakespeare Scratch Card Event
The Shakespeare Scratch Card Event combines a lottery with 10 scenes from different Shakespeare plays. The winner of the lottery picks the scene, the cast and an assignment the actors must incorporate in that scene. This performance is played in the original English text. This event is meant to be part of the actors training to prepare them for big productions and serves to introduce audiences to The Dutch Factory, its way of performing and the variety of Shakespeare plays.

This format premiered in May 2013 and is currently used to perform at schools and theatre festivals.

2014­2015 A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Preceding the performance, the audience is requested to bring an object which may serve as a prop actors can use during the play.

On the day of the play, the audience is welcomed by the Master of Ceremony (MC). This is one of the non­performing actors. The MC is the bridge between the actors and the audience.

Each actor in The Dutch Factory knows the lines of several parts in ‘A Midsummer Night’s dream’. In order to make every night a unique experience, the cast is not set beforehand. The difference between every performance is even bigger because the cast can change every night. The MC asks the audience to help choose the cast for the evening by playing rock, paper, and scissors.

The MC will then ask all audience members to hold their brought object in the air for ten seconds so the actors can see which props are available for the performance. When the ten seconds are up, the performance commences.

During the evening, audience members are invited to play an active part in the performance. Both the characters as well as the actors can ask for the audience’s help in telling the story. The MC will attend to the audience during the performance.

The performance premiered on 23rd April 2014 in the SSBA salon in the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam. Our current list has 17 scheduled upcoming performances.

2015 Romeo & Juliet
The rehearsals for Romeo & Juliet start in September 2014. Similar to previous shows, this performance features the original English text, use of audience member's props, choosing of the cast and specific assignments.

Fundraising festival for Inspiration, Development and Joy
Last weekend of 8/9th March we have organized the Festival for Inspiration, Development and Joy. The festival was focused around personal development, challenges, gaining new knowledge and enjoying our performance.

The festival was a big success and is currently being translated to suit training for business professionals. This training consists of short workshops designed to develop skills for communication, customer service and presentation.

This is a full day for participants to work on how to use their voice, posture and use of language to support their message. This is done in an interactive way. At the start of the day, participants are invited to choose the workshops that suit them.

2014 Educational Program
An educational program about Shakespeare has been developed in corporation with regular and bilingual education. This consists of a preparatory lesson, the Shakespeare Scratch Card Event and a workshop in which the students are invited to participate themselves.

The promotion and sales of this educational program started in april 2014.

The Dutch Factory takes risks, raises the bar and experiments with theatre. By exchanging and bundling the qualities of each individual actor, a new multidisciplinary theatre language is created. This combines improvisation and location theatre with the original lines of classic plays.

We are a platform for growth and development. A home for professional actors, dancers and singers who want to share their qualities and ideas to keep each other sharp and let new theatre forms arise. A place where directors and makers have a time and place to try out their ideas in a workshop with a group of passionate and eager professionals.

Our training sessions and master classes are an inspiration leading to new, progressive and challenging productions and concepts. In an interactive way, we let the audience get acquainted with the classic plays as well as let them re­experience them.

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